Sunday, October 31, 2010

october wedding

This is the wedding that kept us here in LA while Zach headed to Georgia.  Now that it is done we get on our plane!
I didn't take photos of the reception flowers. I'm always too busy to think of it in time.  But the bridal party flowers I did manage to photograph.  
Here are a couple of Greta's creations:

And mine, for the bride.

And for the bridesmaids.

And how about that bathroom tile, huh?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

garish is not my middle name

But how could I resist this beautiful bouquet from Anthropologie?  On sale, no less.  I am not a jewelry person, but I thought this would be lovely to wear with a simple, solid colored dress, to a wedding maybe...a wedding where I wouldn't have to work.  I have not attended a wedding as a guest, aka *not florist* since Greta has been born.  Really.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

summer wedding

The last wedding I worked on was simple and sweet.  The bride was a friend and that made the job even more fun for me.  The couple were married at The Bungalow Club in Hollywood.  They were so kind to  send me these photos taken by their photographer, and so soon after their wedding!  I am so happy to have these added to my portfolio.  

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Driving through the hills of Echo Park the other day we rounded a corner and came upon this steep hillside bursting with Amaryllis belladonna, aka Naked Ladies.   I've been seeing them popping up the past week or so, a sign that summer is coming to a close.
These flowers take me off guard every year.  With most bulbs blooming in the spring it's exciting to see these splashes of pink, and if I could get out of my car I would love to get a whiff of their sweet bazooka bubble gum scent.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Welcome!  Expect to see lots of flowers here, folks.  I will share the beauty of the flora in my everyday life, design inspiration from the garden to the local flower stand, and when I have a wedding job to look forward to, I will take you on the ride with me!  There's one coming up in October.  I'd better get busy.

The very first bouquet I would like to showcase was made from fresh plucked clover from our nearby park.   

The compact clovers with the single delicate dandelion bloom would suit perfectly the voguish fairy bride.

Thank you for visiting!

Monday, August 16, 2010


I put together this post as a quick portfolio for the bride I'm working with now.  
This is just a taste of what I have done in the past few years.  

Sad Story:  The one wedding that I loved the absolute most and traveled to Cambria for, had terrible morning sickness, trudged heavy buckets of flowers onto a beach to decorate a gazebo, filled 200 mini vases with single flowers for each guest, the beautiful bride cried when she saw her bouquet...not. one. photo.  
Here are a few photos from other weddings that I did manage to get.